1. Announcing the #DrownYourTown Coastal Tour!

    #DrownYourTown is going on the (virtual) road. For the next few weeks, we’ll be visiting coastal states throughout the US, focusing on towns and cities that haven’t recieved the #DrownYourTown treatment, yet. Rather than adjusting sea levels, on this trip we’re locking in at 5 meters to provide a rough approximation of what these coastal towns could look like at high tide after the 1.4 meters of sea level rise predicted by 2100. 

    We’ve already taken a trip through California and today we’re visiting Maine for some New England-style town drowning. Check the schedule and please join in. As always, the instructions for making your own #DrownYourTown model are here: How to #DrownYourTown: a step by step guide to modeling sea level rise in Google Earth

    For the week beginning Sunday, February 2:

    • Sunday: California
    • Monday: Maine
    • Tuesday: Oregon
    • Wednesday: Mississippi
    • Thursday: Georgia
    • Friday: Alaska
    • Saturday: Delaware
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