1. Promoting this request to a full post. Here’s Downeast North Carolina at high tide after 1 meter of sea level rise. #DrownYourTown


  2. ohl00kitsthatguy asked: The costal plain of NC, please.

    Here’s North Carolina’s Coastal Plain after barely 1 meter of sea level rise, at high tide. Yikes.


  3. animedanv2 asked: Bowie, Maryland

    Here’s Bowie MD with 45 meters of sea level rise.


  4. clayt32 asked: Houston, Texas

    Houston, after 15 meters of sea level rise. Realistically, we expect 1.4 meters by 2100.


  5. colleenatrix asked: What about Montgomery alabama

    Here’s Montgomery, AL with 82 meters of sea level rise. 

  6. drownnovascotia:

    The #DrownNS projects allows people to look at their communities, their neighbourhoods, or event their homes, and try to visualize what sea level rise actually looks like.  


  7. bobcarpenter52 asked: Washington, DC

    It’s far from the first request, but I never get tired of flooding Washington DC. 

    15 meters of sea level rise. More than the 1.4 m predicted for 2100, but not bu much. 


  8. cavelenagomez asked: Wichita Falls, Texas

    290 meters of sea level rise is well outside the realm of possibility for climate change, but we drowned Wichita Falls anyway!


  9. bklyn92 asked: Probably not affected much but still curious... Grafton, WV

    Grafton is going to be feeling the flood from sea level rise, but if we give it an impossible 355 meters of rise, you’ll get some overflowing river banks.


  10. les-nympheas asked: Pittsburgh, PA

    Pittsburgh, PA swallowed by the Allegheny River after 225 meters of sea level rise. 


  11. iamfandomlocked asked: How about Hong Kong?

    Here’s 2 meters of sea level rise in downtown Hong Kong.

    Have no fear, Town Drowners! I’m working through the massive backlog of requests. If you made a request in the last few months, I will get to it.


  12. maripossum asked: Houston, Texas!

    Bad news for the theater district. Houston, TX with 13 meters of sea level rise.


  13. An investigative report.

  14. Nova Scotia South Shore.  Lockport, Yarmouth, Beach Meadows with 2 metre SLR. Photos by Barbara Perrott

  15. Halifax, Nova Scotia.  Our Harbour gets pretty wet with just 2 metres sea level rise. Image by Kelly Schmare.